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Experience an overland travel trailer like no other.
Expand your boundaries with the Arkto Campers G12, a multi-functional trailer designed to push the boundaries of traditional camping and take you where you never thought possible.


Your Adventure-ready Rig

Arkto Campers G12

Arkto Campers’ G12 has answered the call for what many overland fans have long been looking for: a North American-made, Australian-style overland travel trailer with superb build quality, sleeping space for four, and just the right amount of off-road capability. Everything you want in an overland trailer.

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Camping Your Way

Enjoy the ultimate freedom of boundless outdoor adventure with Arkto Campers. Whether you’re setting out into the rugged backcountry or posting up at a serene lakeside retreat, our versatile and intrepid campers are designed to adapt to your unique style and needs. Custom-tailor your next camping experience with ease, and ensure every journey is as comfortable and memorable as the last with an Arkto Camper.

This trailer has everything you’ll need to stay off grid for extended periods of time.




Arkto Campers


The G12 is manufactured with off-road capabilities, including axleless independent suspension, 33” all-terrain tires, 21” ground clearance, undercarriage protective pan, and a strong lightweight composite body.



Desert Camping with Arkto Campers

Why choose Arkto Campers

More of what matters

Designed to maximize functionality and comfort for both off-road and front country camping, allowing you to explore nature the way it was intended.

In addition to a uniquely functional outdoor kitchen, the G12 overland travel trailer also comes fully loaded with all the typical options, as well as industry leading storage capacity for those looking to bring that extra bit of gear.


Voted Best All Around

Susan Brown
Susan Brown
We LOVE our G12! We have found it extremely well designed and very well constructed. It has all the things we wanted, without all the fluff that we don’t. My husband and I (and 2 dogs) primarily camp “off the grid” as a means to get away, reconnect with nature, explore, and travel. The G12 has proven PERFECT for this. We have owned one previous camper- a small pop up A-frame model that literally began falling apart within the first year of owning it. The quality of construction of the Arkto has been refreshing. Also, Aaron (the founder) has been extremely responsive to us with questions that we have had, and has gone the extra mile in making sure we know all the in’s and outs of the trailer. I can’t recommend the Arkto G12 enough if you are looking for a tough off-grid camper that will get you outside.
Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson
My family looked into a small, towable, camper for the simple reason of not wanting to sleep in a tent, or on the ground. We spent two years looking and had some very negative interactions with other companies. Arkto was the second company to make us feel like family. We originally went with another company, but stumbled on Arkto (thanks Google), and they used superior products in their build. Sheet metal vs plywood. Not too mention Aaron is a rock star! Always willing to give 110% to help out, or answer questions. We are going on 1 year of ownership, with about a dozen trips under our belt, and fully endorse the Arkto camper!
Kevin Anne Buck
Kevin Anne Buck
For those not sure if an ARKTO Camper is the right choice,here is our 1 year review. Like all the reviews, you will read the build quality , materials used, equipment supplied, overall design and handling is without compromise. For us the best part is how well the camper suits our lifestyle. Whether we are travelling down the highway or over landing the roughest backcountry trails we feel secure that our camper will be our safe haven for the night no matter what the weather. No need for any stress,this camper trailer will go where you want and back without fail. After a great nights sleep the cabin offers a comfortable space to get ready for the day. We especially like preparing meals in the outdoor kitchen. The ushape design,sink stovetop, drop shelf and freezer/ refrigerator with lids opening from both sides made meal preparation easy and enjoyable. All of this and protected by the 270 * awning that deploys easily. I know all of you will enjoy the outdoor shower after your day’s activities. When overlanding you will be thankful for the overall size of the unit and the offroad handling that allows you to access areas that other campers could not. We are detail oriented people that expect quality in our purchases with uncompromising customer support. Rest assured the ARKTO team will take care of all your needs.
paul riche
paul riche
Arkto makes a superior product at a great price! However, the important thing for us, as elderly campers, was to have good guidance on operating the camper, and support on problems we might encounter; Arkto have been first rate and have made what we expected to be a good experience into a great one. We are off shortly for a four month vacation in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada, with great confidence that the camper will function as we need.
Trevor Thrift
Trevor Thrift
Build quality, attention to detail, and extreme ownership of their craft is exactly why we've chosen to go with Arkto campers trailer.
Pablo T
Pablo T
Outstanding build quality from what I can tell. Company is really dedicated to the customer. They go out of their way to be available and are excellent to work with directly. The G12 is a thing of beauty.
Lynelle Huseby
Lynelle Huseby
After 3 years of researching camper trailers, we recently purchased an Arkto Camper. Customer service was excellent as Aaron and the team answered all our questions with professionalism. The trailer is very well built and everything works superbly. If you are in the market for a camper, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommendingan Arkto. It is simply top of the line.
john stubbington
john stubbington
Top quality materials and workmanship. The details are well thought out and ergonomic design is the definition of user friendly. Everything you want in an off road home on wheels. Rugged construction, tons of clearance and high departure angle this trailer will follow you anywhere you want to go!
Brad Gretzinger
Brad Gretzinger
I was searching for a specific type of trailer to fill my needs for 3 years. I had looked at pretty much every trailer on the market when I came across the Arkto G12. The G12 ticked all the boxes for me!!! Not too big and not too small, perfect for 2-3 people or a small family. Room enough inside if the weather is terrible and the outdoor kitchen and overall design is perfect. Solidly built, no corners have been cut and all materials are top notch, this trailer is built to last for the long run! I’ve seen so many friends over the years buy campers and they just start falling apart in a very short time. The G12 is bomb proof and will definitely outlast my camping years! The set up is quick, the design is absolutely perfect, no detail has been missed! I could go on and on but I will leave it at saying you can buy this trailer with confidence and you won’t be disappointed!!
Montane Bushcraft
Montane Bushcraft
Our family bought a Arkto G12 from the gentleman at Arkto Campers. We absolutely love the design and off-road capabilities. It will serve for our future camping trips to those remote lakes! Everything on this trailer is well thought out. When they say there is a lot of storage room, they ain’t lying. Aaron and the team at Arkto has been so helpful in answering any and all of my questions I had for him throughout the process of buying our trailer. It’s nice to support a Canadian company as well. The quality of this trailer is outstanding. We can’t wait to go on some future Arkto adventures. 👊


  • The Arkto Campers G12 is fully designed and built in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • We recommend customers to have a tow vehicle with a tow capacity of 5,000 lbs or greater.
  • No. We only sell directly to the customer. We have found that this keeps the price more economical for the customer, as well as a more satisfying buying experience; since you get to deal directly with the people that have designed and built your trailer.
  • Option 1: we can schedule a video chat call, and we will take you on a one-on-one tour of a trailer here at our facility. You will be able to ask any questions you may have and you’ll be able to get a more detailed look at any items you are interested in, including the facility and how we build the trailers.
  • Option 2: we can see if there is a customer trailer in your area and arrange a visit to see their trailer in person.
  • Option 3: put your trust in us and buy a trailer sight unseen 😊
  • Yes! We can sell directly to both Canadian and American residents. The purchasing process is virtually identical. Whether you choose to pick up your trailer or have it shipped to you, we will have all the border crossing and importation documentation prepared for you.
  • Not any Canadian taxes. The only taxes you will pay is your state tax (if there is one), which you will be responsible to pay at the DMV when you go to register/tag your new trailer. There are no duty or Canadian taxes applicable to you.
  • No. There is no wood in the trailer construction. The interior cabinet doors, however, have a core material made from a marine grade MDF. While technically wood, they are effectively waterproof. After thorough water related testing, we determined that this material would resist any water/moisture related damage.
  • Have a look at the spec sheet in our brochure, or on the spec section of our site. All of the components and specifications listed are what comes standard with our trailer. Only the items on the optional upgrade list come with an extra cost.
  • There are multiple steps in constructing the walls of the trailer. First, they are all put together with a structural sealant adhesive. Then, in strategic areas, aluminum brackets are riveted through the aluminum tubes in the walls with Huck structural rivets. After all the adhesive has cured, our custom aluminum ‘exo-skeleton’ is installed and bonded to the walls with a sealant adhesive and riveted in place with waterproof rivets. The combination of all these steps makes for an extremely robust trailer body.
  • The insulated canvas has 4 functional benefits. Insulation from cold weather, insulation from warm weather (reduced green house effect), sound deadening, and a blackout blind effect. All 4 of these benefits make for a more well rounded camping experience.
  • Yes. If the approach to your garage door is relatively level. Since the exterior height of the trailer is 7’ 10”, it should just squeeze in. 
  • • Your first step is to contact us by phone or email. Ideally by phone, so that we can have a conversation about your needs and discuss the build schedule.
  • We will then send you a purchase agreement and a build sheet which will outline our optional upgrades. You can check off the options that you’d like to have on your trailer, and the form will populate your final build price. Then submit these signed forms back to us.
  • Then you’ll send in your $1,000 Canadian deposit, to officially hold your position in the build queue.
  • 4 weeks prior to the start of the construction of your trailer, we will confirm all of your optional upgrades and your exterior color selection. At this time, a 50% downpayment will become due.
  • During the build process, we will firm up the shipping or pick up schedule.
  • Once the trailer is completed, the balance of your invoice will become due.
  • If you are picking up your trailer from our facility, you will have the benefit of participating in a 4-hour long one-on-one orientation, to learn about your new trailer.
  • Our trailers are fully certified with Transport Canada and DOT (USA).
  • The trailers are also certified to CSA Z-240 (Canada) and NFPA 1192 (USA) standards. This means that all the electrical, plumbing, and gas components in the trailer are listed/certified items.

•If a customer has a warranty claim, the first step is to contact us, so that we can understand what is going on, and see if there is a quick fix, a setting that needs changing, or possibly a simple part swap. Alternatively, if we determine that the warranty claim is due to an issue with a third-party component (i.e. stove or fridge), then we will facilitate communication between you and the manufacturer of that component. If the repair requires some labour, we can also coordinate with your local RV service center to do the work, and then we just pay them directly for doing the work (after approval of course). This is very similarly to how warranty work is done with traditional RV’s.

• Pretty straight forward. The most difficult aspect of the G12 is the putting away of the 270-degree awning. Outside of that, we taken considerable time to make things as easy to use as possible. Also, one of the benefits of picking up your trailer from our facility, is that we offer a 4-hour long orientation on the operation of your trailer. If you choose to ship your trailer, we can even arrange a video chat orientation. Outside of that, there is also a great pool of existing customers that are always happy to help new owners.

  • Customers are welcome to pickup or have their trailer shipped. We use a third-party transport company who specialize in travel trailer hauling, should you wish to have your trailer shipped. Many customers who do choose to pick up their trailer, make a little vacation out of it, and visit our beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains.
  • We work with a trusted transport company that specializes in moving travel trailers across North America. The trailers are loaded onto a 53ft flat deck trailer, and driven to your location, wherever that may be. The shipping process is almost entirely hands off for the customer, outside of giving us a delivery time window and location. We handle all the necessary paperwork and coordinate directly with the transport dispatch team, on your behalf. Due to the amount of space needed by the truck driver to maneuver, it is recommended that deliveries are done in a commercial parking lot, like a Home Depot or Walmart. Shipping costs are calculated by the mile, so, the further away you are from Edmonton, the most it costs.

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At Arkto Campers, we understand that choosing the right overland travel trailer is a big decision. That’s why we’re committed to providing you with the best possible experience, from the moment you hit the road to the final destination and beyond. Here’s why you should choose Arkto Campers for your next adventure:

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